Secured video conferencing that just works.

Features You'll Love.

Privacern is a browser-based video conferencing platform that is easy to use and secured. You can optionally set a password for rooms and share them among attendees. Privacern is proudly based on open-source web standards.



Your video conference is secured by SSL encryption to ensure no eavesdropping on your connection by anyone other than your chosen attendees. We do not allow for a traditional telephone call-in due to the security risks involved.


Respects Privacy

Privacern started on the belief that user privacy should be respected not exploited to increase revenues. We do not sell any user information to a third party. Your trust in our service and support with paid accounts is how we make money. We will never sell your data to data brokers or advertisers of any kind.


Ease of Use

Video conferencing is only as useful as it is easy to understand. By only needing to use your web browser for conferences, you alleviate the need to install additional software to have a meeting.

Plans and Pricing.

Pick a plan that fits your video conferencing needs. We have a plan that is right for you, whether you need a custom enterprise solution or our fully managed video conferencing for small to medium organizations.



Supporting #StayHome

  • 10 Max Users per Room
  • No Time Limits
  • Screen Sharing
  • Presenter Mode
  • Multiple Moderators
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Per month

  • 40 Max Users per Room
  • No Time Limits
  • Calendar Integrations
  • Record Conferences
  • Security Controls
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Per month

  • Dedicated Server
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Remove Watermark
  • Custom Branding
  • All Standard Options
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Download Apps.

We will be launching our iOS and Slack apps soon!